Our School » Vision


Here at Ecole St. Mary School, it is our goal that every child who enters our doors will achieve to their highest potential in a faith-filled, safe and caring, inclusive environment.

Ecole St. Mary School recognizes our strength lies in our ability to grow towards academic, spiritual and social excellence. It is through these ways we grow towards excellence.

Ecole St. Mary School Promotes:

  1. Academic Excellence
    • Achievement of personal academic potential
    • Desire for life-long learning
    • Achievement of skills that prepare us for the future
  2. Spiritual Growth
    • Development of personal relationships with God
    • Acquisition of Christian values, morals, and attitudes
    • Appreciation for living a Christian lifestyle
    • Acquisition of family values
  3. Social Development
    • Acting as conscientious community members
    • Development of communication skills
    • Desire to work together as a group
    • Development of positive relationships
    • Development of personal well-being