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About Us - Why Choose Us

Welcome to Ecole St. Mary School

Welcome to École St. Mary School! We are proud to serve Whitecourt and the surrounding area. We offer a dual track program for grade four through six students in both French Immersion and English. 


We believe that in order to build a strong community, we need to work together as a team, alongside our students, parents, staff, and parish. We are committed to ensuring our students are held to their highest potential in a safe and caring, faith filled environment.  


Mission: Our school empowers all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social, physical and spiritual  well-being.


Vision: Here at Ecole St. Mary School, it is our goal that every child who enters our doors will achieve their highest potential in a faith-filled, safe and caring, inclusive environment.


Values: We value and nurture positive, authentic relationships while ensuring safe and caring learning and work environments.


Beliefs: We collaborate by being open, honest and transparent in how we engage our schools and communities and honor their contributions to help guide our future.

  • We connect through healthy relationships that will help build healthy school environments where students are ready to learn and teachers are able to teach.
  • We create supportive, caring learning environments that redefine failure as part of learning, giving children choices to take risks, opportunities to excel, and the support to grow into their potential.
  • We are accountable by demonstrating integrity in our words and actions.
  • We model the importance of maintaining personal health and wellness.