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About Us - Why Choose Us

Welcome to Ecole St. Mary School

École St. Mary School is proud to serve the town of Whitecourt and the surrounding rural area. We offer a dual track program for Pre K-3 in English and K-3 in French Immersion. Here at École St. Mary School, a part of Living Waters Catholic Separate Schools, our mission is to ensure that every child who enters our doors, will achieve to their highest potential in a faith-filled, safe and caring, inclusive environment. To realize this vision, we promote the academic, physical, cultural, social and spiritual growth and development of all students. Our students and their families are at the forefront of all decisions. It is our belief that every student who enters our doors needs to be valued, loved, and respected for who they are. Each of our students are unique and are a child of God. Through partnership with our parent and parish community, we strive to provide quality teaching and learning opportunities to all students and do so in a faith-filled learning environment. Like other schools within the Living Waters Catholic Separate School Division, teachers work conscientiously to provide learning opportunities to ensure each child reaches his or her full potential in a faith filled environment.

We are proud to share the following words of École St. Mary School’s Spirit Song with you. “We create a rainbow of laughter, life and fun, taking care of others is a job for everyone.” It is through a Catholic culture of excellence commitment that we fulfill our duties to students, parents, and the St. Joseph Parish community.

We are thankful for your continued support and cooperation as we provide a safe and caring learning environment for your child.